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RE-WILD MY PLATE - Edible infrastructures - Drop-in Sessions

RE-WILD MY PLATE - Edible infrastructures - Drop-in Sessions

Edible infrastructures

Tuesday 26th June to Friday 29th June, Piquet House, 10am – 5pm 

In 2017 and 2018 The morning boat worked with Cooking Sections to develop a diet that functions as a practical conservation tool, to improve and preserve the quality of our water supply and the biodiversity of local habitats.

In collaboration with local chef and food systems researcher India Hamilton, Re-wild my plate expands on this initiative and continues discussions that took place exploring the notion of conservation cooking in the local context, from Forest Farm Feasts and Deep-Rooted Meats, to Cover Crop Salads and Hedgerow Liquors. Guests are invited to share and consume ideas regarding the future of food and food production on the island of Jersey. 

A room at Picquet House will detail how the management of the island’s ecology might tie in with the production and consumption of food and the sourcing of nutrients, while a collection of plates will explore the potential within these systems, from uncultivated landscapes and natural infrastructures, to progressive farming practices. 

The plates that are created during the week will be used as the inspiration and service for a meal exploring some of the ideas that have been generated. 

Drop in tasting sessions and discussions: 
Wednesday 27th June, 5pm to 6pm
Thursday 28th June, 12pm-2pm


Open Studio: Wednesday 27th June + Thursday 28th June

Times: 27th June: 5pm to 6pm / 28th June: 12pm-2pm

Piquet House
11 Royal Square
St Helier

Tel: 01534 617521



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