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Tell stories, discover who you really are, and enjoy a day of mischief at the seaside

Tell stories, discover who you really are, and enjoy a day of mischief at the seaside

Published: 25 April 2016

Telling stories, discovering who you are, and a day of fun at the seaside are all part of the offer at this year’s Skipton Open Studios. In addition to giving the public the chance to visit the workshops and studios of Jersey Artists, the Skipton Open Studios will be providing Islanders with the chance to participate in a number of exciting and interactive art projects, including two evolving art installations, throughout June and July.

The Story Exchange Project will ask members of the public to share their stories and to take part in an intimate and interactive evolving art installation at Signtech’s Open Day.

Sarah Taylor, the Artist responsible for developing the projects, describes The Story Exchange installation as a ‘walking collection of stories’:

“Our stories define who we are, how we see the world and ultimately how others see us. The stories we inhabit and acquire along the way become the rich tapestries that ultimately define us as individuals. Stories can move us, inspire us, amuse us or even repulse us … they can break down barriers, borders and create connections be it through joy and laughter, sadness or empathy.”

The Who Am I? Project will invite islanders of any age to ‘create a collage of who they truly are, from the inside out’ by filling in life-size paper silhouettes with personal insights about themselves, which will all be displayed as part of a growing art installation.

The Story Exchange and Who Am I? Projects will take place on Sunday 19th June at Signtech, Lewis Lane, St. Helier between 10 am – 5pm and will be free to take part in.

For those wanting to flex their creative muscles further, there will be even more chances to engage with Jersey’s buzzing creative scene throughout the Open Studios. Seaside Shenanigans will be a daylong event held at the newly refurbished beachside venue The Lido, Havre des Pas, managed by Gallery Magazine’s Ben Davies and The Calvani Group.

The event, which takes place on Saturday 18th June, invites islanders of all ages to engage in some creative mischief and immerse themselves in the island’s buzzing creative scene.

The event will round off with a ticketed event, including an evening of film curated by Stefan Rousseau of local indie film night Club Cinestef, original live accompanying music and a BBQ.

Tickets will be available in advance and more details will be available on our blog soon. 

Throughout there will be the Skipton Open Studios Taster Exhibition running at CCA Galleries from 16th June until 2nd July and workshops, talks and showings at the Gallery and in the studios of the 63 participating Artists. 

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