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Featured Artist 2016: Rosemary Blackmore

Featured Artist 2016: Rosemary Blackmore

Published: 25 May 2016

Rosemary Blackmore, a local painter and ceramic artist whose work is available at the Harbour Gallery, Framing Workshop, Rococo, Spice House, Maison la Mare, the Windmill cafe, Jane James and the airport, will be exhibiting once again this year alongside her daughter Lucy at their studio in St Ouens during the west weekend of Open Studios. Rosemary talked to us about her work as a maker of pottery, ceramic art and paintings whilst Holly Smith captured her and Lucy working together in their delightful Bluestone Studio - a charming hideaway for the two Artists and a real treat for visitors who will be able to find lots of beautifully hand-crafted pieces there to purchase for their very own homes. Rosemary told us about her creative process; which apparently always begins with a walk along the stunning St Ouen's Bay with her two dogs.......

“How would you describe yourself as an Artist?  

Passionate, hardworking, enthusiastic

Have you taken part in Skipton Open Studios before?


How did you first get into Art?

I went to Bath Academy of Art where I gained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art, then worked at the Jersey Pottery in the design dept for some years.Since marriage and children I have continued to work as an artist producing paintings and ceramics.

Who is your creative inspiration?

Fred Sands, Bob Booth, Kurt Jackson.

Why should we visit your Studio?

It's in a great location in St. Ouen, and there is always something interesting to see in the gallery.

What have you been doing so far in preparation for this year’s Open Studios?

A painting for the CGA Galleries exhibition, some new ceramics and paintings.

What can we expect from you from this year’s Open Studios?

An interesting collection of work with my daughter Lucy and myself on hand to talk about our work

Describe Jersey’s creative scene in 5 words…

Vibrant, evolving, diverse, bustling, thriving.

What inspires you to make art?

A passion for Jersey and all this beautiful island has to offer.

Tell me about your work process? Do you have a routine or will you work through the night if inspiration takes hold?

Very definitely a routine, after walking our Weimaraner and German Short haired Pointer dogs on the beach, I am in my studio at home and relishing what the day ahead will bring, I get ideas while unable to sleep at night, but never get up to paint!

Do you work in silence or with the radio?

Always with the radio on, usually Radio Jersey to keep up with local news.

Do you like to focus on one piece at a time or do you have lots on the go at once?

Usually more than one oil painting on the go, often coming back to a painting and re working it over a period of time but watercolours one at a time, as there is no going back. I do layer thin washes of paint, which have to dry before the next layer though.

Have you recently been to any exhibitions in the UK or elsewhere that surprised you?

Jason Butler's Seeker's exhibition, I loved the thought provoking, ethereal and spiritual element to his new work, and the scale. The re-opening exhibition at the Harbour Gallery was a vibrant and joyful affair, and an example of triumph over adversity.

What are you artist plans for the next 12 months?

Continue working as a painter and ceramicist, and then making my hand felted robins and bunting for the Christmas markets. There are several events and markets throughout the year which I will be working hard for as well, there are not enough hours in the day!"

It's a busy life being creative, but it definitely pays off! We're really looking forward to seeing what Rosemary and Lucy will have on show at their studio during the West weekend of Open Studios: 25th + 26th June, 10:00AM - 5:00PM. Please visit Rosemary's artist profile to find directions to Bluestone Studios, as well as Rosemary's contact details. 

Photos courtesy of Holly Smith Commercial Photography

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