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Featured Artist 2016: Naomi Renouf

Featured Artist 2016: Naomi Renouf

Published: 23 May 2016

Painter and textiles artist Naomi Renouf has taken part in the last 3 Skipton Open Studios. We love that she'll be taking part again and this year will be exhibiting as part of the group of Artists showcasing their work at the National Trust for Jersey's Greve de Lecq Barracks. Naomi was prepared to be quizzed by the Skipton Open Studios team, so that you can find out more about her work before you go and see it at the barracks in June:

"How would you describe yourself as an Artist?

I could describe myself as a textile artist but in some ways I think I approach my work more as a painter. I just usually use textiles instead of paint as a medium. Although nearly all my work is a reflection of the natural environment, I aim to produce something which is more than simply a visual representation of what I have observed.

Have you taken part in Skipton Open Studios before?

This will be the third time that I have taken part in Skipton Open Studios. I have previously opened my studio at home for the event but this year I will be at Greve de Lecq Barracks. I exhibited work there last year as part of the Skipton Art Series and liked this venue so much I thought I would repeat the experience.

 How did you first get into Art?

I have always loved Art even as a young child I was always painting or making things. At school I did A level Art and Textiles (although it was called Needlework in those days) and then went on to study painting as part of a BEd degree.

 Who is your creative inspiration?

The list would be very long. I have been inspired by so many different people, working in so many different mediums, over so many years.

 Why should we visit your Studio?

You will be able to see not only my work, but that of several other artists, in a lovely venue. A selection of my seascapes are always on view at the Harbour Gallery but at Greve de Lecq Barracks, where I am exhibiting for Open Studios this year; you will be able to see a range of my work that is not usually on view. My works will include textile pictures, prints and some of my paintings.

What have you been doing so far in preparation for this year’s Open Studios?

I have been working on several new pieces including some abstract work and a vibrant semi-abstract St. Ouen’s Sunset for the exhibition at CCA Galleries.

 What inspires you to make art?

I have had a need to create things since I was a young child. If I’m not creating, I always feel that something is wrong. In terms of external inspiration it is often the natural environment and particularly the sea and the coast.

Do you work in silence or with the radio?

I nearly always work with the radio on.

Do you like to focus on one piece at a time or do you have lots on the go at once?

I usually prefer to focus on one piece, but do sometimes start on two or three pieces at once.

Have you recently been to any exhibitions in the UK or elsewhere that surprised you?

I saw The Doris Salcedo exhibition at the Guggenheim, New York in the autumn. Her powerful work using household objects results from her research into violent oppression. I was particularly drawn to two pieces in which she incorporates thousands of burnt sewing needles into iridescent hair shirts. Another stand out exhibition for me was Grayson Perry which I saw at the Pera Museum in Istanbul about a year ago. Included along with his amazing ceramics and prints was a series of huge brightly coloured tapestries called ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’.

What are your artist plans for the next 12 months?

I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment beyond Open Studios and a couple of one day workshops that I am running at the Harbour Gallery in October. I will just keep on working and see where the next year takes me."

We think the Doris Salcedo and Grayson Perry exhibitions that Naomi visited sound absolutely fantastic! We're so pleased that Julia went to see them, because we're sure that she would have brought back the inspiration and impact of the work to Jersey to share with islanders here. Be inspired by Naomi's own fantastic work in the lovely setting of the Greve de Lecq Barracks during the West Open Studios, Saturday 25th + 26th June, 10:00AM - 5:00PM, where it will be exhibited alongside work by Christine Witham, Hugh Knaggs, Joyce Berry, Maria Tarrant and Susan McGarry. Please visit Naomi's artist profile for her contact details and links to her website. 

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