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Featured Artist 2016: Marc Medland

Featured Artist 2016: Marc Medland

Published: 01 June 2016

When visiting Marc Medland's studio, you would be forgiven for believing that you had mistakenly stumbled upon Alladin's Cave. Marc, who is a well-known local Artist and Architect, is also equally well-known as an unofficial collector of unusual, interesting and beautiful things. At the studio you may discover his cabinets of vintage toy cars, perfectly preserved butterflies, or other curiosities... A trip to his studio is worth these delights alone, but this year you'll be even more delighted by his work, which manipulates found images to create collages that are drawn and painted over, and are inspired by his experiences as both an Artist and Architect and his love of all things old and new. This year Marc will be changing things up and will be exhibiting his amazing collages alongside work by photographer Gina Socrates at the beautiful St Brelade's Church. Holly Smith went to photograph Marc working on new pieces for his Open Studio at the church and in the meantime Marc told us a little more about his creative process: 

"I am a collector of objects and images. Re-imagining and re-inventing these into new works.

Inspiration comes from re-imagining the everyday and mundane and from that create parallel worlds. A strong narrative is essential before I start work.

I have always loved drawing but I struggled with formal art lessons at school. It took me until I started studying architecture to find my voice and an individual way of expressing myself. Whilst others on the courses were experimenting with video, installation and sculpture to express their architectural ideas I looked to push the boundaries of hand drawing. I experimented with various techniques until I found a unique way of drawing. Since then I have discovered collage.

Not creating is not an option. My head is constantly thinking of the next projects. I am borrowing a friend’s house and de-camping to France for 5 weeks this summer and am excitedly planning what to load the car up with to work on. No meetings, deadlines, mobile phone, Internet and television. Retreating a couple of times a year is great for the soul and for regaining perspective.

I work predominantly with Radio 4 on during the day. By evening, I have moved on to films and music. A Moon Shaped Pool, the latest album from Radiohead, is on two or three times a day. Fantastic! Anything by David Bowie and Kate Bush gets me inspired.

I recently discovered the Hunterian Museum (Royal College of Surgeons) in London. It has a fascinating collection of human and anatomical specimens in jars. I am in London again soon and will catch the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Over the next year I am hoping to lose myself in larger, more experimental drawing works on film. I am keen to return to my architectural roots and want to work on sets and costumes for The Balcony, a play by Jean Genet. I would like to revisit some earlier projects.

This is my fourth year of taking part in Open Studio. I have started introducing oil paint into the work and have been working with photo albums from the 1920’s – 1960’s, found on holidays to Brazil, Sweden and France. I usually share spaces with other artists for Open Studio. For me is one of the most important aspects of the Event. During the year I love the solitary nature of being an artist – a luxury in an increasingly noisy world. However, seeing what others are up to is exciting. This year I am sharing St Brelade’s Church Hall with the amazing photographer, Gina Socrates. Pop in and then grab an ice cream in the Bay."

Sounds like a pretty good idea to us! St Brelade's Church Hall will be open to the public to visit Marc and Gina during the West weekend of Open Studios: 25th June 10:00AM - 5:00PM and 26th June 1:00PM - 5:00PM. Please visit Marc's artist profile for directions to the Church Hall and for links to his website and for contact details. Marc will also be holding a free two day demonstration - 'EDGE'; a self-set project recording the steps, by photography and illustration, leading onto the beaches on the Island. Marc will at CCA Galleries on Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th June drawing the steps of Jersey (computer and hand drawn - pencil on film), collaging from photographs and will be making abstracted card models of them, and the public are invited to watch Marc work and ask him about his process and the project. Please visit the workshops, talks and demos page for more info. 

Photos courtesy of Holly Smith Commercial Photography

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