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Featured Artist 2016: Dasa Wharton

Featured Artist 2016: Dasa Wharton

Published: 28 April 2016

The next of our blog's Featured Artists is Photographer Dasa Wharton, who is new to Skipton Open Studios in 2016. We asked Dasa some questions to find out more about her work and her background as a photographer. Dasa also sent us some beautiful and dynamic photos of dancers that she has been saving for this year's Open Studios. We love the way that she captures the energy and gracefullness of the performers in her photos. Check out what Dasa had to say about her work:

How would you describe yourself as an Artist?

It took me several years before I could say that I am a photographer…in terms of calling myself an artist, I don’t think I am there yet…

Have you taken part in Skipton Open Studios before?

No, this is my first year

How did you first get into Art?

When our daughter was born, my husband gave me a Canon 50E and I immediately fell in love (with the camera, already loved my husband..). our daughter is almost 18 now and I still feel very excited every time I take my camera and start photographing…

Who is your creative inspiration?

It must be Gene Schiavone, an amazing ballet photographer, the best one in the world really…I met him in Prague four years ago, he is not only a brilliant photographer but also a really nice guy, very generous, supportive and encouraging. He helped me on so many different levels and I feel incredibly fortunate to count him as my friend.

I love movement, dance and especially ballet. I have been very fortunate to photograph some of the best ballet dancers in the world over the last few years. Every time I walked into a theatre or studio, I can feel the amazing energy and just love being there, in the presence of beautiful, talented and extremely dedicated people.

Why should we visit your Studio?

You will get two for the price of one!  A really good friend of mine, Katherine Cadin is a very talented painter and artist, and she had the idea of us teaming up (for which i am really grateful) – so one reason for coming to see me is that you will see the work of Katherine at the same time… Another reason is that we will be exhibiting our work in the beautiful Archirondel Tower…It will be really relaxed, fun weekend and I hope that we will see as many people as possible..

What have you been doing so far in preparation for this year’s Open Studios?

I have been working on a new set of wall art images, they are inspired by the sea and will be in black and white, printed on various media. And of course there will be samples of my other work from ballet to wedding photography.

What can we expect from you from this year’s Open Studios?

As I said I will exhibiting in the Archirondel Tower together with Katherine Cadin and we are planning to turn the location into a relaxed gallery.  There is a fridge in the Tower so there even might be bubbles being served while you look around… we also have some surprises that we obviously can’t talk about now..

What are you artist plans for the next 12 months?

I am going to Prague in next few weeks to photograph a new ballet choreography for the Czech National Ballet, I will also be going to the UK to photograph the English National Ballet. I am also hoping to be able to go to the US to photograph a number of performances of a group of world leading ballet dancers. In terms of Jersey, I am planning a collaboration with a leading Jersey hotel, which will take place in next few weeks. Finally, I will be busy preparing a panel of images for the Royal Photographic Society, hoping to gain the second level of the Society’s distinctions, ARPS.

Make sure that you visit Dasa's artist profile to find her details, including the address of her Open Studios (this year at Archirondel Tower) on 2nd + 3rd July, 10:00-17:00. 

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