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Dasa Wharton captures the English National Ballet's Emerging Dancer Award 2016

Dasa Wharton captures the English National Ballet's Emerging Dancer Award 2016

Published: 20 May 2016

Dasa Wharton, local photographer taking part in this year's Skipton Open Studios, has just returned from photographing the prestigious English National Ballet's Emerging Dancer Award 2016 in the UK. Dasa told us all about her experience of capturing the world's most promising young dancers at the competition at the London Palladium in May, ahead of her open studios where she will be exhibiting the photos of dancers alongside Katherine Cadin's work at Archirondel Tower during the east weekend (2nd + 3rd July) of Open Studios:

"Going to photograph the English National Ballet is always a highlight in my work. I have been very lucky in my professional career as I have met lots of amazing people – one of them is Daria Klimentova, a Czech born ballerina, who was the star of the English National Ballet for nearly 25 years. I met her in Prague a few years ago, where I photographed her teaching at the International Ballet Masterclasses. I also met her dancing partner and another ballet star, Vadim Muntagirov (who now dances at the Royal Ballet).

Daria invited me to photograph some of her performances in both Prague and London and as I worked on building my portfolio of ballet photographs, I was getting invited to photograph more and more ballet performances. Living in Jersey is fantastic but travelling at a short notice abroad is sometimes a bit challenging – for my last photoshoot with the English National Ballet I got the final confirmation of being invited for the photocall on Monday evening, and the photoshoot took place next day early afternoon. Fortunately, my husband Nick is extremely supportive and within an hour he organized and booked all my trip from the flights to the hotel…all I had to do was to pack my bag and go!

The English National Ballet’s Emerging Dancer Competition is a prestigious annual event in which six young talents from the company competes in front of panel of expert judges. I photographed the competition last year and loved the atmosphere in the theatre, as well as seeing these hugely talented young dancers. So I was so happy to have the opportunity to go again, this time the competition took place in London Palladium.

It was really nice to see some of the dancers that I photographed last year, on the stage again, more experienced, more confident and even more perfect then the previous year… The winner of this year’s competition was Cesar Corrales, only 19-year-old dancer, who joined the English National Ballet in 2014."

Take a look at some of the amazing photographs that Dasa took from the competition in the gallery below....We're only jealous that we can't jété and plié like the increcible dancers in her photos! Check out this online article about the competition here.

Cesar-Corrales-in-Contrabajo-para-hombre-by-Julio-Lopez-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Cesar-Corrales-in-Contrabajo-para-hombre-by-Julio-Lopez-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton-2.jpg Cesar-Corrales-in-the-Diana-Acteon-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Cesar-Corrales-in-the-Diana-Acteon-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton-2.jpg Daniele-Silingardi-and-Jeanette-Kakareka-in-the-Black-Swan-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Daniele-Silingardi-and-Jeanette-Kakareka-in-the-Black-Swan-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton-2.jpg Isabelle-Brouwers-and-Erik-Woolhouse-Talisman-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Isabelle-Brouwers-in-a-new-solo-by-Charlotte-Edmonds-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Jeanette-Kakareka-in-Annabelle-Lopez-Ochoas-Requiem-for-a-Rose-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Jeanette-Kakareka-in-Annabelle-Lopez-Ochoas-Requiem-for-a-Rose-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton-2.jpg Rina-Kanehara-and-Cesar-Corralesi-n-the-Diana-Acteon-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg Rina-Kanehara-in-the-Diana-Acteon-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg sabelle-Brouwers-in-the-Talisman-pas-de-deux-photo-by-Dasa-Wharton.jpg

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