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'Seekers' Officially Opens to the Public May 2016

'Seekers' Officially Opens to the Public May 2016

Published: 03 May 2016

The highly anticipated exhibition of the latest work of local figuartive painter Jason Butler is officially open to the public. 

'Seekers', a collection of paintings exploring the idea of hero-worship, rituals and belief in all its guises, is open 10:00-5:30 PM Monday to Saturday at the Studio Gallery - 10 Commercial Buildings, St.Helier, Jersey.

The exhibition was opened on Tuesday night by the Director of the Jersey Arts Trust, Tom Dingle, who praised the 'courage and conviction' of the esteemed figurative painter to embrace risk and toil in his pursuit to create the work that he wanted to make.

Rod McLoughlin, Cultural Development Officer for Jersey, described the exhibition: 

"This exhibition is the product of a lengthy period of gestation over several years which started with intensive reading – history, politics, theology and fiction have all influenced the work. While Jason will talk with enthusiasm about these books, he appreciates the danger of being too specific: no extraneous thoughts should distract the viewer from the paintings themselves, particularly since their creation owes as much to the spontaneous act of painting as it does to any conscious processes.

There are no preparatory drawings or sketches; instead, ideas are worked out on the canvas itself, layers of paint applied to create an impasto which, as we approach the pictures, we have the same urge to immerse ourselves in. For the artist, it is - in Jason’s words - ‘like painting the air’.

Visitors to the studio in the weeks and months leading to the exhibition will have experienced the curious sensation of ghostly figures disappearing beneath layers of fresh paint, as pictures develop and take a new direction.

And with this latest exhibition you sense a new confidence for the work openly acknowledges the very mystery and uncertainty that it seeks to capture: the artist is as much a seeker after meaning as his subjects or public. ‘In painting, you have to acknowledge that you also try to find out who you are’, as Jason puts it.”

Visit Jason's artist profile to find out details of his studio, as well as a link to his website with more information about 'Seekers', which will be open to the public until the 28th May 2016.

Photo courtesy of Matt Porteous (Studio M)



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