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Tom Parker

Tom Parker

Tom Parker is an artist from the UK working primarily in print and his work relies on an interest in process and action. Using strict self imposed method works are allowed to create themselves through recursive gestures or to become the product left as the final output of a pre-dictated sequence.

The importance of rules and formula in Tom’s work comes from an interest in mathematics and is evident in sometimes minimally absurd series of works where not much appears to have happened but is simply a record of something having been made. This is in part the manifestation of a nihilist intrigue in the importance that is often placed in an artwork and the posing of the question, is the artwork important or is the work that has gone into making it important? 

As the beginnings of an answer to this, focus is placed on methodology and the collecting of information. It should be noted that the data collected through a practice is not necessarily used to any means, is simply taken for its own sake, and becomes an integral part of Tom’s work.


18 Great Union Rd

St Helier

Tel: 07770681945



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