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Tim Le Breuilly

Tim Le Breuilly

Through a veil, a blurred disturbance between the everyday and the extraordinary. TS Eliot, who looked at the Cotswold manor house of Burnt Norton and wrote that, ‘Time present and time past/ Are both perhaps present in time future/ and time future contained in time past’, Tim meditates on
transience and permanence and time is implicit within the works.

Returning to the island after a 15 year hiatus in Scotland, Le Breuilly extends his survey of built heritage. Whilst on residency at Fettes College, Edinburgh for 1 year and supported by Edinburgh Visual Arts and Crafts Awards Le Breuilly began a project on Stevenson lighthouses with a boat charter to the remote Scottish island of Rona. He has since extended the project to include lighthouses in Northern Spain and our own Corbiere during its recent restoration.

Works are realised through printmaking; primarily etching and Oil Painting. Educated at The Slade School of Fine Art Tim has since been shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize and BEEP Wales international Contemporary Painting Prize, he has works in private collections in Edinburgh.

Le Breuilly has also delivered workshops at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and engaged directly in building restoration with an MSc in Architectural Conservation.

The Good Stone will be doing a 'Pop Up' at the venue on Saturday 23rd June; serving freshly made wood fired Pizzas. Also exclusively; they’ll be showcasing Pizzas from the Sea! A special Climavore Pizza, part of The Morning Boat's culinary intervention.

Frances Le Sueur Centre
St Ouen's Bay
Grande Route des Mielles
St Ouen

Tel: +447544910867



_Fettes College_ etching on paper.jpg _Lighthouse on Rona_ etching on paper.jpg _Scottish Sundial 2_ oil on canvas.jpg _Rackwick_etching on paper.jpg _Scottish Sundial_ oil on canvas.jpg _Toothhouse_ Oil on canvas.jpg

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