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Susan Lintell

Susan Lintell

Susan Lintell is a local illustrator, cartoonist, painter, and Chartered Marketer. She has worked for a variety of clients, both corporate, and individuals. Her paintings, illustrations, designs and prints are used for presentations, training programmes, murals, greeting cards, book illustration and covers, and as gifts.

Susan's work can be modern, traditional, realistic or conceptual. Media includes acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. Susan specialises in illustration, cartoons and caricatures, pet portraits and buildings. 

Each piece of art is unique, through the development of an idea and the journey, to the creation of artwork. Commissions include: illustrations for the children's book written by Colin Macleod, "Meet Hammerhead and Captain Stinky Pants", design for a Christmas card for the Channel Islands Cooperative Society, a mural in the tunnel leading to the birds of prey area at Tamba Park, book covers for a series of three novels by the Jersey Author Jan Caston, the first in the series "Normal Dating" available on Amazon, paintings for Jersey Heritage of the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, and the Maritime Museum which are available as post cards, and a portrait of Rocky the rescue dog. 

Three of Susan's paintings were chosen for Jersey Arts Trust's Projection Gallery. She also specialises in marketing communications, and website design.

7 Les Ametots
Bagatelle Lane
St Saviour

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