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Sergei Sogokon

Sergei Sogokon

Ukrainian photographer Sergei Sogokon will show new still-life photographic work using selected, composed, materials and forms in blocks of ice. ‘Ice age trophies’. Images are to be developed experimentally with frozen flowers, fruits, insects, etc. combined with items of a non-organic nature, i.e. made made every day things, that may suggest a variety of narratives. The work may explore conjunctions with established symbolic ‘objets d’art‘, seen in traditional still life compositions. However, the frozen ‘mix’ will create unpredicted associations and ambiguities. Thereby, producing works that will be new, part traditional, complex, technically challenging but, at the same time, very exciting to make. Initial trials suggest much potential, and once the capacity to work on a larger scale is available, and technical issues solved, i.e. achieving transparency in the ice, then focus will shift to aesthetics making work that exploits the transformative beauty of ice.


ND Magazine

Publications: Online magazine"Fotografya" (2017),1946/sergei-sogokon.html

The Link Gallery
Jersey Museum
St Helier

Tel: 07839 175398

Email: [email protected]


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