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Paula Kerry

Paula Kerry

"I am a feltmaker. I work with wool and using water, soap, friction and heat I make forms and objects, pictures and hangings and some functional items. 

The process of wet-felting is very hands on. It's addictive - a meditative, magical process. I'm in touch with the materials I'm working with throughout and can watch and feel the fibre candy-floss transform into another state. There's an element of serendipity too, colours blend in their own way, fibres migrate into fabric giving unexpected but wonderful textural effects. 

I make vessels and forms, exploring the wool fibres's ability to transform into sculptural objects. I start with something soft and pliable and end up with forms that are softly rigid and durable. I like to use natural coloured wools but will splash out and use vibrantly coloured Merino or Corriedale or Shetland! 

Inspired by our coast I'm also exploring texture in hangings and pictures, drawing with fibre, exploring its nature, introducing silk, scrim, organza and stitch to produce hangings that are to be felt. They're textural and tactile. 

My messy studio is on top floor of the Arts Rooms in Payn Street. We're a friendly bunch there - please come and visit us."

Open Studio: 2nd + 3rd July

Times: 10:00-17:00

The Art Rooms Studio
10 Payn Street
St Helier

Tel: 07797 962325

Email: [email protected]

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