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Paul John Kilshaw

Paul John Kilshaw

Paul lives at Gorey House Cottage on the edge of Gorey village. The cottage is about 260 years old with several out buildings including his studio in an old coach house. This is where he continues to explore his passion for line, texture and colour. He came to Jersey in 1968, has lived there for over 48 years. In 1974 he had his first solo exhibition at the Jersey Museum, Barreau Art Gallery. 

Paul's work is often based on mark making, with backgrounds he applies paint washed, glazing, over-painting and some of the pictures have up to 40 layers of paint. He infused the surface of the picture with a sense of rhythm and line in the finished picture. 

'When one is working, one doesn't know what will come out. This is not indecisiveness, it's that things change as one is working. Paintings are done with the mind, not with the lands, but with my thoughts. Truth and honesty come from inside you, without this there is only lies.' 

Open Studio: 2nd + 3rd July

Times: 10:00-17:00

The Studio - Gorey House Cottage
Les Chemins Des Maltieres

Tel: 01534 856175 / 07829 856175

Email: [email protected]


forgotten_angle_-_ancient_-_h_200_x_100_cm_-_oil_on_canvas_-_diptych.jpg intense_compassion_-_ultimate_-_h_152_x_202_cm_-_oil_on_canvas_-diptych.jpg intense_passion_-_perception_-_h_102_x_152_cm_-_oil_on_canvas_-_diptych_-.jpg solitary_alien_-_free_-_h_122_x_218_cm_-_oil_on_canvas_-_triptych_-.jpg

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