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Nick Parlett

Nick Parlett

Through his paintings, Nick Parlett tries to identify with, amongst other things, undiscovered places and the idea that since nature has been misplaced, the
natural can sometimes appear unnatural.

He does not try to dismiss the past, but rather to emphasise the present by keeping in touch with the pulse of life. To Nick there is no such thing as abstraction. Every shape, line, colour or concept is deeply routed in reality, as he perceives it. Without reference to these values, it’s hard to have a satisfactory outcome.

He prefers to work with a variety of mediums which offer new possibilities due to their unique properties and characteristics, each playing a vital or suggestive role in the process. Nick is currently working on a new body of work inspired by the marine environment, a subject that as a Jerseyman living on the east coast of Jersey, is very close to his heart. Exhibition details to be published at a later date.

Les Ecales
La Grande route des Sablons

Tel: 07797789354


 ‘A flash of blue’. Oil on canvas.jpg  ‘Anemone’. Oil & mixed media on canvas.jpg  ‘Dog dreams ‘. Oil on canvas.jpg ‘Blue mussels’. Oil & mixed media on canvas .jpg

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