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Neil Harvey

Neil Harvey

Neil Harvey is a local printmaker and also countryside ranger for the National Trust for Jersey. He takes inspiration from the patterns, shapes and stories that can be found in tree rings. He aims to tell the story and history behind each individual tree.The tree rings come from storm damaged trees or trees felled as part of sustainable woodland conservation management on National Trust land in Jersey. 

Neil uses ink on a combination of traditional handmade Japanese Washi paper, bamboo paper and cotton rag. Neil will be exhibiting his work and giving demonstrations of his techniques in the beautiful setting of the Francis le Sueur Centre in st Ouen`s Bay.

A percentage of his sales are donated towards the National Trust for Jersey to help further their efforts with the protection of the islands natural habitats.


The Good Stone will be doing a 'Pop Up' at the venue on Saturday 23rd June; serving freshly made wood fired Pizzas. Also exclusively; they’ll be showcasing Pizzas from the Sea! A special Climavore Pizza, part of The Morning Boat's culinary intervention.

Frances Le Sueur Centre
St Ouen's Bay
Grande Route des Mielles
St Ouen

Tel: 07797775481


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