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Mark Guest

Mark Guest

Mark Guest is a sculptor, stone carver and artist delivering public and private projects and carving services to sculptors and masons. He has an extensive portfolio of sculpture, artefacts, interior furnishings and carved architectural masonry. He keeps his studio in St Clement, Jersey, but also works regularly at the studio of Johannes Von Stumm (past president of the Royal Society of British Sculptors) in Oxford. He is also represented by the Garden Gallery in the UK.

Mark has also worked commercially in the stone world for ten years as a banker mason so has a wealth of knowledge in working all types of stone and has worked on innumerable private projects especially to country estates in the South of England.

To date he has undertaken ten public art commissions with many works in private collections and has worked alongside artists in Australia and Kenya. He is passionate about promoting stone sculpture and keeping its language vital and contemporary.

Much of his personal sculpture finds expression in the carving process, cutting stone so fine that it has a luminosity or splitting forms into boundless visual riddles.

Open Studio: 25th + 26th June

Times: 10:00-17:00

Daisy Cottage Campsite and Retreat
Grande Route de Saint-Pierre
St Ouen

Tel: 07797 731115

Email: [email protected]

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