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Jodie Spriggs

Jodie Spriggs

"My installation will offer an insight into a technique of glass-making, ‘hot casting’, which may not usually be seen on the island, but viewers will be able to connect with the coastal theme of the piece.

The eight piece, suspended glass installation, is inspired by seaweed forms and their pods within. To create each individual glass form, I have firstly poured liquid glass into a seaweed-like shape, moulded in sand. Pre-formed glass cane and coloured glass spheres are dropped onto the glass and encased under another liquid layer.

The still-hot glass is then lifted out from the sand mould to be stretched and twisted into a more organic form as the glass cools. Suspended together, these eight elegant ‘Ribbons’ serve as a dramatic room divider or window art, with a fluid effect. Each piece is individually suspended from above only, allowing for subtle spinning movement, to reflect seaweed flowing in a sea current."

Open Studio: 25th + 26th June

Times: 10:00-17:00

The Elms
La Chéve Rue
St Mary

Tel: 07797 761835

Email: [email protected]


_Ribbons_de_la_Mer__back_view.jpg _Ribbons_de_la_Mer__full_eight_piece_view.jpg _Ribbons_de_la_Mer__pod_view.jpg _Ribbons_de_la_Mer__section.jpg

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