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Janet Meise

Janet Meise

"One of my interests and therefore inspiration for art work is architecture, in particular old/derelict buildings linked with their history and past occupants.  

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, as with many people started with watercolour, attending various evening classes and workshops. Progressed to going on organised painting holidays abroad which were very enjoyable for scenery, tuition and socially.  

It was during life drawing classes with Jason Butler that he persuaded me to enrol for the Foundation degree course in Art and Design at Highlands College. As a mature student I was rather apprehensive at first. However I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was of tremendous help to my whole way of working and thinking about art. 

For my final presentation, I researched the history of the abattoir which was in the process of being renovated/transformed into Liberty Wharf. I produced a large body of work mainly black and white abstract paintings using house paint. These formed a solo exhibition at the Arts Centre. 

More recently I have been following the changes in Dumaresq Street and was able to view the interior of one cottage before it was demolished. I admit to having a totally impractical dream of leaving buildings like these permanently untouched, a sort of time capsule.  

One of my other interests is figure/life drawing for which I frequently use charcoal. Just recently I have been experimenting with a series of characters based on fellow bus passengers seen while travelling to my studio. 

These have given me the incentive to use bright colours in my work [using acrylic paint] which normally has a strong leaning towards black and white. This probably stems from my love of charcoal. Almost two years ago I was fortunate enough to be offered a studio in Payn Street working alongside several other ex Highlands students. It is so much more satisfactory than trying to work at home with space problems and other distractions and I am really enjoying being one of a group."

Open Studio: 2nd + 3rd July

Times: 10:00-17:00

The Art Rooms Studio
10 Payn Street
St Helier

Tel: 07797 754204 / 01534 852288

Email: [email protected]

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