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Jane James

Jane James

Jane James is ceramic artist who has been living and making in Jersey for the past 10 years, she has grown her business from a sole trader working out of her spare room to now having two shops on the island along with an online shop and selling trade to galleries off island. She now has a team of 10 people working with her helping to produce and sell her work.

Inspired by Jersey’s beautiful flora and fauna, Jane creates coastal ceramics that capture the charm and character of sea. Jane along with her small team of artists work together in her harbour side studio to create her fun and vibrant work. 

Most of her pieces are mounted on driftwood collected from the beaches around Jersey. These add an extra sculptural quality and interest to create unique pieces of coastal art. Each piece of work is unique and is identified using a ceramic button signed with the letter 'J'. During open studio Jane and her team will inviting the public to come in and take a look behind the scenes at how her business has grown and to get an insight into how her work is made from start to finish.

20 Commercial Buildings

St Helier

Tel: 07797926589



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