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Ian Rolls

Ian Rolls

This body of work is probably the most personal Ian Rolls has produced to date. The paintings are a series which show the development of a new way of working for the artist, a technique which relies more than ever on feeling and intuition to fix the composition. 

The artist has used his left hand for many years to draw with, despite being naturally right handed. The loss of control that this brings to the drawing process has been taken to a new level with these paintings on driftwood panel, which are drawn left-handed on location without looking at the drawing, but only at the subject. This way of working produces lines which are lyrical but not accurate; random marks made as a response to being in a specific place at a specific time. 

The process is mindful and meditative and gives rise to the title of the exhibition Drift. 

The colour is applied back in the studio, sometimes bright or muted but carefully chosen from memory or imagination. Only the areas between the lines are painted, leaving the drawn charcoal lines as sacred and untouched. 

The paintings are a very personal response to the island's coastline that have all been painted specifically for this exhibition. The panels themselves have been on a random journey by land and sea and chance  (or fate) has resulted in their transformation into works of art in the exhibition.

Open Studio: 25th + 26th June

Times: 10:00-17:00

Le Don Hilton ( The White House )
La Grande Route Des Mielles
St Ouens Bay
St Peter

Tel: 01534 485168 / 07797 832847

Email: [email protected]


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