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Fenby Miskin

Fenby Miskin

Fenby Miskin’s personal work is divided into fine art and portrait photography.

The fine art work includes abstracts, interpretations of moods & feelings and observations of the mundane or quirky. These rarely include people but often are an observation of human activities and their influences.

Fenby is also particularly fascinated by mass observation portrait projects and has conducted several over the last 4 years. Portraits are made of at least 100 people at a single location within a defined time period. He also sees these sets as a historical record of a particular moment in time.

In 2016, Fenby embarked on his largest portrait project yet: he took over the new Art Gallery at the Fort Regent Leisure Centre building a temporary portrait studio in the exhibition space. He made portraits from 6.30am till 9pm during a 2 week period to capture Jersey residents and holiday makers using the centre for a wide range of sport & leisure activities. The portraits will be printed and exhibited at La Folie Studios during 2nd & 3rd July and may also be seen online.

Open Studio: 2nd + 3rd July

Times: 10:00-17:00

La Folie Studios
Commercial Buildings
St Helier

Tel: 07797 718807

Email: [email protected]



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