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Eleanor Balston

Eleanor Balston

"I studied art in Brighton in the 70's and since then I have continued to develop my creative skills in various media whilst bringing up a family and maintaining a teaching career. I became more focused as time went by on textile work, because it combines traditional skills with endless possibilities. 

Often, the problem with textile work, as a college lecturer memorably advised, is knowing where to stop. 

In the past I have studied tapestry weaving and demonstrated it regularly at the Jersey Eisteddfod. During the last few years I have developed and broadened my interest in textile work, moving onwards from traditional patchwork, applique and sewing techniques to a more individual contemporary style. 

My work can be broadly described as textile collage. I use found items to create new possibilities. Beads, sequins and interesting objects from many sources are up-cycled into new, intriguing and creative forms. 

I like using items that have a narrative, because they have been crafted by someone and already possess an intrinsic rhythm and balance. My designs have many starting points. Some are inspired by local and London views, some are from the material itself, some just evolve organically." 

Open Studio: 2nd + 3rd July

Times: 10:00-17:00

Up and over Studio
House and Garden
3 Hautbois Gardens Bellozanne Road
St Helier

Tel: 07797 834465 / 01534 879959

Email: [email protected]

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