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Anna D'Alessandro

Anna D'Alessandro

Anna D’Alessandro is a painter who enjoys working with a range of mediums, predominately working with oils on paper or canvas.

She enjoys capturing the beauty in the natural world around her. This is seen in her figurative work which often depict seascapes, local landscapes and islands at sea.

The enquiry in her abstract work is to the nature of being. This work is exploratory and unplanned with paintings often going through different forms before completion. It is this unknowing and discovery that she most enjoys about the process and how it mirrors life. 

Anna is interested in the details of natural forms; often small things. The things that get missed, miscommunicated or unsaid. Gaps and pauses, and the space that exists between these spaces, whether physical or emotional. The moment before light passes over the body, a smell that you remember from somewhere and fragments of light as they land on familiar objects. Feelings of nostalgia and things that struggle to be expressed but are felt. Memories and imaginings of existing in a time long ago. These are some of the things that inform Anna’s abstract work.

Anna studied at Camberwell College of Arts before attending Central Saint Martins in London.

Anna will be one of the artists exhibiting at Daisy Cottage in St Ouen.

Daisy Cottage Campsite and Retreat
Grande Route de Saint-Pierre
St Ouen

Tel: 07797 760611



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