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Andy Coutanche

Andy Coutanche

"I work in many different mediums, from my Sand Art, to Pencil Sketches and long exposure light painting photography, but it's my Sand Art that I'm best known for. It's what I've been doing for nearly 10 years now. 

It has taken me all over the world from France, Ireland and New Zealand to the Maldives and Bermuda for festivals and competitions. 

I have worked with stone and glass and have now moved on to weaving hazel and willow into forms which are land art, blending into the landscape becoming part of the environment. I also work with recycled materials from steel, copper and lead as well as timber and driftwood."

Open Studio: 25th + 26th June

Times: 10:00-17:00

Plemont Headland, near Carpark.
Plemont Road
St Ouen

Tel: 07797 788525

Email: [email protected]


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