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Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair, a retired art teacher and studio potter, is passionate about ceramics, spending many hours in his studio creating hand-thrown or hand-built, functional and decorative pieces both in stoneware or porcelain clay. His work is fired in an electric kiln and can be seen in an attractive granite barn behind his home on the west of the island. Teapots, a particular interest, are challenging, but fellow potters appreciate their complexity. Recently, lamp bases, both thrown and created from slabs, have added to his range of work. The excitement and thrill of creating from a simple lump of clay is a rewarding and satisfying activity; creating pots is truly addictive. If time and space allowed he would be in the pottery all day. As a member of Genuine Jersey, you can see Andrew’s work in his St.Ouen studio, the Harbour Gallery, the Loving Chair Company and at events such as Simply Christmas.

Les Huriaux Farm
Ruelle du Coin
St Ouen

Tel: 07797731324



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