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Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew attended Edinburgh Art college in the late 1960s was where he was introduced to the skill of studio pottery, but after training as a teacher, ceramics became very much a hobby for Andrew and it is only since retirement that Sinclar Ceramics has been developed. 

"I mainly work with stoneware and porcelain clays, thrown on the wheel, slab built, or occasionally a combination of both. The pots are bisque then glaze fired in an electric kiln. 

Although much of my work is designed to be functional in nature and used on a daily basis, my aim is to create pots that have a unique style and shape. This has led to a recent interest in hand thrown teapots, all of which seem to develop a character of their own. These pieces are challenging and fellow potters will appreciate their complexity. 

The excitement and thrill of creating from a simple lump of clay is a hugely rewarding activity. However, the tense moments when the kiln door opens, after 72 hours in a final firing, can leave the most optimistic potter questioning his results. Onwards and upwards!"

Open Studio: West Studio Sat 25th June - Sun 26th June

Times: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Les Huriaux Farm
Ruelle Du Coin
St Ouen

Tel: 07797731324

Email: [email protected]


Andrew_Finishing_a_vase_on_the_wheel.jpg Black_bottle_.jpg Blue_bottle_flat_sides.jpg Circular_decorated_slab_pot.jpg Tea_Pot_to_display_at_the_CCA_Gallery.jpg

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