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Amy Dorey

Amy Dorey

Amy CD studied art throughout her education in Jersey and went on to study a Furniture Making FdA at The Cass Design School in London for 2 years. After attending an exhibition called 'The Ulm Model' she was inspired by the linear hand drawn exercises that enabled students to learn about proportion and perspective. Amy then practised her own linear pattern drawings which inevitably lead to boredom and lacked life. She began to seek meaning in her work as she started to ask questions about mental well being and began to discover elements that sparked an inquisitiveness about the way herself and others act and communicate with different perceptions of the same situations. Amy began looking into meditation and spiritualism, asking why and how the mind works and if we can change our own habitual thought patterns that make us who we are. She has developed this idea and having finally found a style that truly represents her thought processes, then rewards her when she can manifest her thoughts onto paper. After exhibiting her work in the Bar Gallery in Cafe Jac and having found interest in her work Amy is looking to exhibit her work in the future at more Jersey galleries and progress as an artist.

20 Commercial Buildings

St Helier

Tel: 07700326763


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